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Today I am going to talk the tools I use for Sparkal Time. First of all lets talk about the sewing tools I use. I use a brothers computerized sewing machine. I find it easier to use compared to one that is not. I prefer to work with hand controls rather than using a foot pedal. Eventually I would like to get a serger and I know I will have to learn to use a foot pedal then.

When it comes to the fabric, I have a couple United States online companies I use. I try to find fabric I like.

Now for the cards I make, I use a cricut to make cut the cards. I also use a printer to print the cards. Not all of the cards will be using the printer. The currents ones currently are ones that require the printer but some of the future cards will not require a printer but I will be using the cricut machine to cut up or write up the text and images.

The coasters use the cricut machine also to cut up the images needed to make the coasters with.

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