About Us

Our Story

Hello and Welcome to Sparkal Time. My name is Melissa and I am the owner of Sparkal Time. We focus on all handmade items. It all started with scrunchies as I felt I could make them better than what you can buy in the store.

About our Scrunchies

We offer a wide variety of colors and patterns. Currently we offer cotton scrunchies, but we will soon be offering other types of scrunchies.

About our Cards

As for the cards I make, I use a cutting machine and printer for the cards. Though the current ones listed are like this, I also have ones that only use the cutting machine.

About our Coasters

We use the same cutting machine we use to make cards to make the images and we attach them to the coasters.

About our Fabric

We try to buy our Fabric from United States based Companies. The first item we make with the fabric will always be scrunchies. Then we will make other items with it. There are other items I have made with fabric, but I have not perfected those items yet. Those items will be coming soon.