• How often Do We Add New Items?

    There are times that it may not seem that we are not active as we have not been added new items for a while. There will be months that you will see a lot and other months you may see none or very little. When it comes to scrunchies, I usually make them in batches so they may be coming out fast.

    When it comes to posting them up, I always post them on here and Etsy at the same time. There will be items that will only be available here only.

    A lot of times, my items will be premade as I like to have them available to be shipped out fast. The other reason is that I like to have an actual screenshots of the items so that you can see what the item looks like.

    Some of the scrunchies will only be available until they run out. Its not because I do not want to make them. I am just as sad as you are. Its because the fabric has been discontinued. New items will eventually replace them.

    We are planning on branching out to other types of items. We do focus on one type item for a while until we decide to change focus to another item. You will have plenty of items available in each category to choose from. Eventually we will be adding more items to each category.

    Right now, we have scrunchies and we are also working on adding coloring books (Digital Downloads). In the future we will be readding cards and coasters. We will also be adding shirts and other apparel. Also we will be adding quilts and placemats in the future.

  • Why are our Scrunchies so Expensive?

    I know you probably think our scrunchies are expensive. Please remember it cost to get the materials to make it along with the cost to ship the items. What you get is the best quality I can make them. These are handmade with a sewing machine. I have never had a scrunchie fall apart yet so you are getting a quality item.

    Are my scrunchies perfect? No but I keep trying to make them the best of my abilities. Are you going to be able to see where I had closed the scrunchie up with. Yes most likely but I try to find a thread color as close as posssible to the color of the fabric. I am not perfect. Could I have hand sewn them. Yes, but the quality would not be there compared to using a sewing machine. It takes longer to hand sewn than it does to use a sewing machine plus I have found the quality of my own hand sewing is not as good as if I used a sewing machine. I rather make something that is of a quality product to where the scrunchie is not going to fall apart.

    I have looked around at other handmade scrunchie businesses and I have found that my prices are still cheaper than some of the other businesses out there doing the same exact thing I am doing.

  • Free Scrunchies

    For the month of January, I will be giving out a free Scrunchie with every scrunchie order in addition to the current store discount. You will not get to choose though and it will always be something different than what you currently have. This way you will have something different than what you currently have.

  • My Dream For Sparkal Time

    I have a dream on how I would like Sparkal Time to be. Right now that is not a reality. I want to grow, but not grow to fast that I can’t keep up. I want to grow to the point that I need employees. My hope is when I finally need employees, that I will be able to pay them a liveable wage plus be able to give them benefits.

    I know what its like not to have living wages to live on and I hope to be able to do that for my employeees when the time comes that I need employees. I want to have something other companies don’t have.

    Once I need employees, that is when I will have to get a warehouse.

  • Getting to Know the Owner of Sparkal Time

    I figure that it would be best that I write some things about me so that you can get a feel about who I am and what Sparkal Time is about. From time to time, I will give tidbits about who I am when I think about it.

    First of all, my name is Melissa. I am a quiet person and I do have a shy side. Once I get to know someone, then I am not so quiet.

    I do have a regular job outside of Sparkal Time. Right now Sparkal Time is a side business as sales are not regular as of this writing. Even after I get regular sales, there is still a chance I will still want to keep my regular job. I hope eventually Sparkal Time could be my main source of income.

    When it comes to the crafting I do, I learned on my own with a little help with Youtube or other tutorials out there. I try to improve on my own to make it better than what is shown if at all possible. The more I learn, the better I get.

    When it comes to the items I make with fabric, I only pick fabric that I like. I really do get excited about different patterns.

    When it comes to our scrunchies, the plain colored ones will always be available, but the patterned ones will usually be available on a limited basis. I wish I could keep the patterns longer, but it depends on what is available. I find patterns I love and I find that they are discontinued.

    When it comes to all of the items in the store, there is a limited stock. Once I know a item is popular, I will make sure there is a higher stock level so there is no delay in delivery. I will try to keep adding items to the store as I make them. There may be times you won’t see anything for a while and then all of a sudden, you will see a whole bunch added. A lot of times I make a whole bunch at the same time as I buy things in bulk when possible.

    When I am not crafting or working, I play video games. Right now I only play games on the computer though but its fun and relaxing most of the time.

  • About Our Tools

    Today I am going to talk the tools I use for Sparkal Time. First of all lets talk about the sewing tools I use. I use a brothers computerized sewing machine. I find it easier to use compared to one that is not. I prefer to work with hand controls rather than using a foot pedal. Eventually I would like to get a serger and I know I will have to learn to use a foot pedal then.

    When it comes to the fabric, I have a couple United States online companies I use. I try to find fabric I like.

    Now for the cards I make, I use a cricut to make cut the cards. I also use a printer to print the cards. Not all of the cards will be using the printer. The currents ones currently are ones that require the printer but some of the future cards will not require a printer but I will be using the cricut machine to cut up or write up the text and images.

    The coasters use the cricut machine also to cut up the images needed to make the coasters with.

  • Welcome to Sparkal Time

    Hello and welcome to Sparkal Time. Our focus is all handmade items. We still consider it handmade even when we use a sewing machine, serger, or technology to make the items. It still takes us time to make the items.

    You may thing that this is a weird name for a company for handmade items, but I think its short and sweet. Besides creating handmade items, I am a gamer. Sparkal comes from a characters I created in STO and SWTOR. There is more fond memories in SWTOR.

    I wanted to keep this short and sweet so I wanted to welcome you to our website. This will give me the opportunity to make other blog posts to explain what we do.