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A look into my work space

As I do not have a lot of work space to work on. I like to work into batches so I can make things a lot quicker so some of the pictures are showing some of my stuff in batches.

My Sewing Machine

This is the sewing machine I am currently using.

The thing is, is that I am working in a small area on the kitchen table so the setup changes from day to day. One day I may be cutting just fabric. Another day I may be ironing and another just sewing. I do things in batches which make it easier to work with so that everything is made faster. I work by color. I work with one color and then go on to another color. My current project I am working on is scrunchies and soon I will have plenty of scrunchies available. There is an order to my madness.

If I make enough money, eventually I will have more room to work with.