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Create Your Own Scrunchies Pack

As you may or may not know we have Create your own scrunchies packs available to which you will be able to choose your colors. There are a lot of color variations out there. I originally wanted to add them in but after a lot of though. So I decided to keep it simple. Right now its currently just plain colors. There will be patterns available in there until the list of patterns gets exhausting to where I need to split it up. I am trying to keep it simple.

There will be various variations of the same color, but if there is a color that does not meet any of the categories will get their own color if needed.

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Imperfect Items from Sparkal Time

Sparkal time is a handmade crafting business. I am the only one currently running the business. As I have stated before is that my philosophy is to sell items that I would use for myself. I hope that will always be the case. In time that could change but I would have to guarantee that these items will sell before they would be available.

As time goes on, I will be increasing the type of products that will be available. As such I will be learning to make those type of products better. That means they may be imperfect. I do not believe in throwing these items out unless they are really bad. Depending on the product it will be either offered at free or reduced cost.

Still the quality of my products are very good but I experiment from time to time to make them even better. As I get better tools, there should be less and less imperfect items. Still from time to time, there will be imperfect items available.

I hope to have a variety of items available so there is something available to everyone.

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Limited Availability

From time to time certain patterns may become unavailable. Not because I do not want them to be available but because they become unavailable to me. Currently there are two places that I do get fabric from but as time goes on, that may change. Plain colored ones typically I will not have a problem getting. Its just the ones with the patterns that will become unavailable and I have no idea if I will be able to get them in stock.

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My Philosopy

When it comes to making items for this store, I have one goal and that is to make items I would use myself. I think its a good rule to go by as that means that I stand behind the product but again feel comfident about the product. Its something I can use if the product does not sell. My hope though is to be able to sell what I make here. I believe in what I make. I may not always be perfect, but I try and the more I make the better the quality of the product. Sometimes I may experiment with them though.

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A look into my work space

As I do not have a lot of work space to work on. I like to work into batches so I can make things a lot quicker so some of the pictures are showing some of my stuff in batches.

My Sewing Machine

This is the sewing machine I am currently using.

The thing is, is that I am working in a small area on the kitchen table so the setup changes from day to day. One day I may be cutting just fabric. Another day I may be ironing and another just sewing. I do things in batches which make it easier to work with so that everything is made faster. I work by color. I work with one color and then go on to another color. My current project I am working on is scrunchies and soon I will have plenty of scrunchies available. There is an order to my madness.

If I make enough money, eventually I will have more room to work with.

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About the Pricing of our Products

Pricing of our products is a hard decision. As it stands right now, between our multiple types of products and products coming up the pipeline are using many of the similar materials. Some have certain items specific to the item types.

Please remember that for all the items I make, it does cost me money. Currently I am running at a loss instead of profitting off of you. This is only because I like to have some stock level available so that its quicker to get the items. It will take longer to get the items if you had to wait for me to make them as there are times it takes a while to get my supplies to make the items.

Still I try to make the price fair and make a small profit. I am looking to make quality over quantity.

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Welcome to Sparkal Time

Red and Red Stars Scrunchie 2-Pack

I have officially relaunched Sparkal Time. I consider this a relaunch as this now has its own personal Domain name instead of a subdomain.

I wanted to give everyone information about what this site is about. I have been running websites for many years, but this is my first time that I have tried selling handmade items. My previous attempts were at selling forum themes and website hosting. That was at limited success.

Currently, Sparkal Time is about selling handmade items. Currently the only items available here are scrunchies, but I also have other items I am making.

When it comes to the scrunchies, I can guarantee that they are well made as I wear them on a daily basis. I usually wear one scrunchie on a daily basis so it goes through a ringer. They have not pulled apart and I have been wearing them for a while.

As for selling the scrunchies I sell, I stand behind the product as I stated above because I wear them personally, but I keep the inventory separate from what I currently wear.

In the event that a scrunchie does fall apart, I will require proof before I will send out a replacement. I am setting a guarantee for 30 days on all of my items. I though think, they will last a lot longer than 30 days.

I want to focus on scrunchies currently so that I have a decent stock level before I start adding my other handmade items to the website. I want to make sure there is a variety of scrunchies to choose from.

I have been working on the price of my items but I think I have the right price for our items. In order to get free shipping, I had to up the price of our items. Previously there was a flat fee price so it ended up costing more than what it current cost. Most sites encourage you to spend a lot of money to get free shipping. I wanted to change that so instead, you will have to spend at least $10 to get free shipping. This means that you can buy more often.

If I gave you an option of free shipping and flat rate, in order to get free shipping, you will have to spend more. Instead you are spending less to get free shipping.

Once I see how the sales are, from time to time, I will be offering coupons so you will get so much off from your orders.

Please remember currently there is only one person fullfilling orders, but I will do my best to fullfill them as fast as I can. I try to premake my items so that they can be mailed out as fast as I can.