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Imperfect Items from Sparkal Time

Sparkal time is a handmade crafting business. I am the only one currently running the business. As I have stated before is that my philosophy is to sell items that I would use for myself. I hope that will always be the case. In time that could change but I would have to guarantee that these items will sell before they would be available.

As time goes on, I will be increasing the type of products that will be available. As such I will be learning to make those type of products better. That means they may be imperfect. I do not believe in throwing these items out unless they are really bad. Depending on the product it will be either offered at free or reduced cost.

Still the quality of my products are very good but I experiment from time to time to make them even better. As I get better tools, there should be less and less imperfect items. Still from time to time, there will be imperfect items available.

I hope to have a variety of items available so there is something available to everyone.

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About the Pricing of our Products

Pricing of our products is a hard decision. As it stands right now, between our multiple types of products and products coming up the pipeline are using many of the similar materials. Some have certain items specific to the item types.

Please remember that for all the items I make, it does cost me money. Currently I am running at a loss instead of profitting off of you. This is only because I like to have some stock level available so that its quicker to get the items. It will take longer to get the items if you had to wait for me to make them as there are times it takes a while to get my supplies to make the items.

Still I try to make the price fair and make a small profit. I am looking to make quality over quantity.