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Create Your Own Scrunchies Pack

As you may or may not know we have Create your own scrunchies packs available to which you will be able to choose your colors. There are a lot of color variations out there. I originally wanted to add them in but after a lot of though. So I decided to keep it simple. Right now its currently just plain colors. There will be patterns available in there until the list of patterns gets exhausting to where I need to split it up. I am trying to keep it simple.

There will be various variations of the same color, but if there is a color that does not meet any of the categories will get their own color if needed.

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About Our Scrunchies

As I had stated in a previous blog entry, that I try to make them as good quality as I can. Does it mean they are perfect? No, but I believe they are good quality. The reason behind starting to make scrunchies is because I believe I can make better quality scrunchies than the ones that you can buy in the store.

I do not think the ones in the store, are as good quality and the quality of scrunchies that I used to buy when I was younger were better quality than the ones that you can buy in the store these days. My belief is that the quality of materials that I use to make for the scrunchies are better quality.

Also the pictures of the scrunchies I make are not always 100% accurate. There are various shades of the same color plus sometimes the color is not accurate with the camera I use. Over time, that could improve but that is dependent on the equipment I have available. Still they may be very close to the color it is supposed to be and the best quality pictures I can make at this time.