Sparkal Time has been Relaunched

Sparkal Time has been Relaunched

Hello and welcome to Sparkal Time.

As you may or may not have noticed that we have moved from wordpress to Shopify.  This blog will be used for our multiple sparkal Time websites.  It does not make sense to have multiple blogs for each site when they are similar in nature and will be covering the same information.

What is the difference between the sites.  Right now, we have 3 sites. We have a main, etsy and one for scrunchies.  More will be coming as we branch out.  I believe on giving everyone options on where to buy from. 

Some may be not like to be looking through what seems to be the superstore, so smaller sites will be available for one who don't want to be going to the superstore type of site.

Now the question you may have is, is the inventory shared?  The answer currently is no.  Inventory is stored in the same place but divided between the stores evenly. That means that more than likely you will ending up having an option to preorder the items you want.  By doing that, we know how much interest everyone has in a specific product so that we can make sure we have enough for everyone.  

Is there a chance preorders may not be available?  Yes there is always a possibility that preorders will not be available.  There is many reason why that could happen.  In most cases is that we have to many backorders and we want take some time to get caught up before it becomes available again.  This also gives me time to work on restocking that item.

Store restocks will be daily or longer.  It all depends on interest.  If we are not getting sales on an item, then I will not have much in stock available for that item until we see interest in that item.  The only way we can gauge interest interest in an item currently is by preorders or orders even though there is not a huge stock level.  Every time there is an order, we make sure we order the supplies needed to make the item even if we have the item in stock.  

Eventually we will be adding a community board so that I can more easily communicate with everyone on what items you all want.  Remember I am only one person and I am doing the best I can.  

My whole goal here is that I will have enough in stock, that you will hardly notice that we have preorders in place.

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