Do you offer returns on your Scrunchies?


Do you actually wear the scrunchies you make?

Yes I do, but I keep them separated from my selling stash.

Is it possible that scrunchie will not look like the picture?

Yes. The scrunchies are made by me, but the colors can vary. Where I get the fabric from, the packs usually have 2 or more shades of the same color.

Custom and personalized orders

Yes I can do custom orders for scrunchies. If you need a different size than what is available, I can try to make them for you.

How often to you ship Items

Typically I will ship the items out on Fridays. I will do my best to get your items shipped out as soon as I can. You can order on a Wednesday or a Thursday and there is still a possibility that you could get the items the following week or later. It is all dependant on my work schedule. There is also a possibility that they could be mailed out earlier than Friday.

Is it Possible to get ordered items before the quoted delivery date?


There may be times that you will get it earlier than the quoted delivery date due to getting it out quicker than anticipted. I rather give a buffer in case I am not able to get it out as soon as I would like to get it out. If you order on a Thursday, there is a higher probablility of getting it sooner than the estimate. My schedule and if there are other orders that I am filling is based off of that.

Is it Possible to get ordered items after the quoted delivery date?


I try to premake my items to make it easier when it comes to shipping out the items, but there are times I will be making the items to order.

Due to some of the supplies needed to make these items, there is sometimes a delay. In those cases, I will let you know ahead of time. I will try my best to not to let that happen, but there are times it is unavoidable.