Getting to Know the Owner of Sparkal Time

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I figure that it would be best that I write some things about me so that you can get a feel about who I am and what Sparkal Time is about. From time to time, I will give tidbits about who I am when I think about it.

First of all, my name is Melissa. I am a quiet person and I do have a shy side. Once I get to know someone, then I am not so quiet.

I do have a regular job outside of Sparkal Time. Right now Sparkal Time is a side business as sales are not regular as of this writing. Even after I get regular sales, there is still a chance I will still want to keep my regular job. I hope eventually Sparkal Time could be my main source of income.

When it comes to the crafting I do, I learned on my own with a little help with Youtube or other tutorials out there. I try to improve on my own to make it better than what is shown if at all possible. The more I learn, the better I get.

When it comes to the items I make with fabric, I only pick fabric that I like. I really do get excited about different patterns.

When it comes to our scrunchies, the plain colored ones will always be available, but the patterned ones will usually be available on a limited basis. I wish I could keep the patterns longer, but it depends on what is available. I find patterns I love and I find that they are discontinued.

When it comes to all of the items in the store, there is a limited stock. Once I know a item is popular, I will make sure there is a higher stock level so there is no delay in delivery. I will try to keep adding items to the store as I make them. There may be times you won’t see anything for a while and then all of a sudden, you will see a whole bunch added. A lot of times I make a whole bunch at the same time as I buy things in bulk when possible.

When I am not crafting or working, I play video games. Right now I only play games on the computer though but its fun and relaxing most of the time.

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