How often Do We Add New Items?

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There are times that it may not seem that we are not active as we have not been added new items for a while. There will be months that you will see a lot and other months you may see none or very little. When it comes to scrunchies, I usually make them in batches so they may be coming out fast.

When it comes to posting them up, I always post them on here and Etsy at the same time. There will be items that will only be available here only.

A lot of times, my items will be premade as I like to have them available to be shipped out fast. The other reason is that I like to have an actual screenshots of the items so that you can see what the item looks like.

Some of the scrunchies will only be available until they run out. Its not because I do not want to make them. I am just as sad as you are. Its because the fabric has been discontinued. New items will eventually replace them.

We are planning on branching out to other types of items. We do focus on one type item for a while until we decide to change focus to another item. You will have plenty of items available in each category to choose from. Eventually we will be adding more items to each category.

Right now, we have scrunchies and we are also working on adding coloring books (Digital Downloads). In the future we will be readding cards and coasters. We will also be adding shirts and other apparel. Also we will be adding quilts and placemats in the future.

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