Cotton Scrunchies


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Handmade Scrunchies. I can make them in various colors and patterns. Color Variation may vary as I have I many shades of the same color available.

Approximately 2 X20 inches.

The fabric is cotton. The inside is elastic and is knotted.

Picture colors may not be entirely accurate.  Colors may be a shade or two lighter than they really are.  Sometimes more than that.

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Colors and Patterns

Amethyst, Antique Pink, Baltic Sea, Big Stars Blue, Big Stars Red, Black, Brown, Carnation, Chai, Charcoal, Confetti Blue, Corn Silk, Espresso, Flag Stripes Red, Heather, Home Free Stars Blue, Hydrangea, Indigo, Lemon, Lemon Chiffon, Magenta, Marigold, Merlot, Orange, Orchid, Plum, Red, Rosewood, Royal Purple, Sangria, Stars Orange, Stars Red, Streamers Red, Sweet Pink, Teal, Wisteria