Why are our Scrunchies so Expensive?

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I know you probably think our scrunchies are expensive. Please remember it cost to get the materials to make it along with the cost to ship the items. What you get is the best quality I can make them. These are handmade with a sewing machine. I have never had a scrunchie fall apart yet so you are getting a quality item.

Are my scrunchies perfect? No but I keep trying to make them the best of my abilities. Are you going to be able to see where I had closed the scrunchie up with. Yes most likely but I try to find a thread color as close as posssible to the color of the fabric. I am not perfect. Could I have hand sewn them. Yes, but the quality would not be there compared to using a sewing machine. It takes longer to hand sewn than it does to use a sewing machine plus I have found the quality of my own hand sewing is not as good as if I used a sewing machine. I rather make something that is of a quality product to where the scrunchie is not going to fall apart.

I have looked around at other handmade scrunchie businesses and I have found that my prices are still cheaper than some of the other businesses out there doing the same exact thing I am doing.

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